Last modified 28 MARCH 2018

Plenary Speakers
−Yoshinobu Baba (Nagoya University, Japan)
Nanobiodevices and AI for future healthcare

−Takehiko Kitamori (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

−Wolfgang Lindner (University of Vienna, Austria)

Keynote Speakers
−Bezhan Chankvetadze (Tbilisi State University, Georgia)
Capillary electrophoresis as a powerful tool for understanding of chiral recognition mechanisms by cyclodextrins

−David D. Y. Chen (University of British Columbia, Canada)

−Ziad El Rassi (Oklahoma State University, OK, USA)
Nano-structured material based monolithic stationary phases for high performance liquid phase separation techniques

−Frantisek Foret (Institute of Analytical Chemistry, CAS, Czech Republic)
What does it take to concentrate 20 ml sample volume by isotachophoresis?

−Bohuslav Gas (Charles University, Czech Republic)
What the advanced software can tell you when you perform electrophoresis separation

−Yasushi Ishihama (Kyoto University, Japan)
Chromatography-driven global and targeted proteomics

−Vaclav Kasicka (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS, Czech Republic)
Capillary electrophoresis applied for quantitative evaluation of the strength and specificity of noncovalent molecular interactions

−Blanca H. Lapizco-Encinas (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA)
Fine tuning dielectrophoretic particle assessments in microfluidic devices

−Michal J. Markuszewski (Medical University of Gdansk, Poland)
Complementary metabolomic analysis of clinical samples hyphenated to advanced calculation methods

−Marja-Liisa Riekkola (University of Helsinki, Finland)
From biomacromolecule isolations to their interactions